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There are many books out there that you might find helpful in dealing and coming to terms with your bereavement. We have created a tagged list of some of these books, with reader reviews.

Overcoming Childhood Trauma: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

By Helen Kennerley This book will help the sufferer understand the links between past trauma and present difficulties and offers ways to gain control over these problems, allowing the individual to deal with intrusive memories, manage mood swings and build better relationships in adulthood.

Codependency for Dummies 2nd Edition

By Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT Your trusted guide to breaking the patterns of co-dependency. Are you trapped in the cycle of co-dependency? You’re not alone. In this trusted and sensitive guide, you’ll discover the symptoms, causes, and relationship dynamics of co-dependency – and how you can set yourself on a clear path to recovery. There’s no time like the present to break the patterns of co-dependency and get your life back. 

100 days happier

By Domonique Bertolucci Daily inspiration for long-life happiness. So many people are waiting to feel happy. But the truth is, lasting happiness is something that you create, each and everyday, through the simple choices you make. 100 days happier invites you to make small, daily changes in the way you think and act; changes that will ultimately create a fundamental shift in the life that you are living. Based on the bestselling book ‘the Happiness Code’ and ‘its Ten Keys’, this collection of inspirational messages will inspire you to be the best you can be. 


By Andy Puddicombe This is meditation – but not as you know it. There’s no chanting, no sitting crossed legged, and no need for any particularly beliefs. What’s more, this easy to learn skill takes just 10 minutes a day, and can bring about life changing results. Let Andy Puddicombe, registered Clinical Consultant, former Buddhist monk and self-proclaimed ‘meditation mistake maker’ show you how to take 10 minutes and get some headspace.

CBT Journal for Dummies

By Rob Willson and Rhena Branch

642 Places to Draw

Chronicle Books Creative adventure awaits inside this compendium of quirky, inspiring, and endlessly fun drawing prompts! 642 places to Draw is the perfect sketchbook for discovering, imagining, and sketching exciting locations – whether around the world, or just around the corner.

All about me

By Philipp Keel

Guidelines for those whose work brings them into contact with adults bereaved after a drug or alcohol-related death

http://www.bath.ac.uk/cdas/documents/bereaved-through-substance-use.pdf http://www.bath.ac.uk/cdas/research/understanding-those-bereaved-through-substance-misuse/ The University of Bath and University of Stirling released a set of guidelines for those whose work brings them into contact with adults bereaved after a drug or alcohol-related death.    

Adfam's Journeys: Living with a drug or alcohol-related bereavement

Part of Adfam's wider Journeys series, which are magazine-style publications that provide useful information and show families that they are not alone in dealing with the substance use of a loved one.  This edition explores the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of drug and alcohol related bereavement, what grieving means and practical ways of coping with it.