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When someone dies and drugs and alcohol are involved, the police are likely to be involved, especially if it is unexpected or sudden. Here you can find information about the role of the police in investigating drug and alcohol deaths and what to expect.

When the police are involved 

When someone dies suddenly or unexpectedly the police may be called. The police take statements, and arrange for someone to identify the person who has died. If the death did not happen in hospital they will arrange for the person’s body to be taken to the hospital mortuary. The police will also investigate to see if anyone has committed a criminal offence (such as the supply of illegal drugs).  

When a sudden or unexpected death occurs

When a sudden or unexpected death occurs then the police will attend. You should not be alarmed by this.  They have two roles. Firstly they have to investigate to see if there have been any criminal offences committed. In the case of any drug-related deaths that will involve trying to find who supplied the drugs.