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Here you can find a wealth of information related to bereavement, including practical issues, how a bereavement can affect people, models of bereavement, real-life stories of people who have lost a loved one to drugs or alcohol and other relevant issues.

Bereavement models

Differing models have been developed by people working in the field to describe a common core of experience for people who’ve been bereaved. All models are descriptive rather than proscriptive – though they may be useful as tools to think about grief you shouldn’t feel they can accurately tell you what you will feel next. Different people find different models useful – have a look at the ones below and see which ones you find useful. The Dual Process Model (Margaret Stroebe & Henk Schut, 1995)

How does bereavement affect mental wellbeing ?

NHS inform - Wellbeing and bereavement  Extract: "Grief is ordinarily characterised by mental suffering and distress, deep sorrow and painful regret. Initially, the bereaved may experience shock and numbness and deny that the loss has really happened. This incomprehension may give way to, or alternate with, bewilderment and depression, moving on to acknowledgement of the loss with time." Read the full article here.