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Some tips for dealing with the media

  • Talk to your immediate family and friends and decide what you are going to say, and who is going to be the family point of contact. Advise others of your wishes about contact with the media.
  • Prepare a short statement, which could be released to the media, maybe with a photo. This may head off many queries.  You can also hand it out or send it to other reporters when they approach you. You may need to issue a more formal press release. If you are contacted by a reporter, ask for proof of identity and the contact details for the publication they are representing.
  • Do not sign any agreement with the media without advice.
  • A simple note on your front door may help avoid unwelcome press intrusion.
  • Never give out details until you are completely confident that you know who you are talking to and what you have agreed to discuss. If you are not entirely confident do not speak to someone. 
  • Do not allow reporters to fluster you and press you to respond quickly. Do not be pushed because of their deadlines.
  • Avoid live interviews. If you do give a live interview make sure you have the questions they are going to ask first and you have time to prepare your answers.
  • Ask to see the story before it goes to print.
  • You can withdraw your story at any time up to it going to print.
  • Most of the media are compassionate and considerate. Just be aware that on occasions what you say is not necessarily what will appear.


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