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Messages of support

The thing that has helped me to cope the most is …..

…….the peer support I got and telling others I loved that person and sharing happy memories (Alex M.) 

……. the people who I discovered had also lost a child to addiction and had never met before and the love and support they have given unconditionally and without judgement - because they know the devastation of losing your child in this way. (Sue C.) 

……..involvement with others who have been bereaved in the same way. (Helen L.) 

……..focusing on my own wellbeing (Sarah H.) 

…….accepting that nobody want to be an addict (Nicola D.) 

………being determined to live as positively as possible. There have been countless difficult periods but through each I have gritted my teeth and waited for them to pass. I had no idea that I would have the strength and determination to cope with the tough times in the way that I have. (James G.) 

My message to others bereaved through drug or alcohol use is….

……. don’t think there is no one out there to help you. If you don't talk about it, the pain gets worse. (Alex M.) 

…….that you do walk a different path and as you move along that path, the sun begins to shine again and at times you smile and laugh and begin to sleep at night but it will never be the same - just different. (Sue C.) 

……. spend time feeling, and focusing on yourself rather than worrying about others. (Sarah H.)

……..to take each day one at a time (Nicola D.) 

……..always try to be as positive as possible, the smallest smile can make a big difference in the bad times. Don’t ignore or reject the negative feelings either as they are essential to the grieving process. Feel sad when you need to, and be positive when you can. (James G.) 

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